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Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom (Decrypted 3DS Rom / Gba) : A Walkthrough You Should Read

Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom and Alpha Sapphire video games are sixth generation reiterations of the third-generation Pokemon titles, known as Pokémon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

These two paired games are somehow similar to its predecessor titles with the presence of two exclusive Pokemon, which are known as Primal Groudon (the red one), and Primal Kyogre (the blue one).  The two were released worldwide on 21 November 2014, however, Europe got the two titles only on 28 November 2014.

Some of the changes that this new Pokemon game and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game have, as compared from their predecessors are the following:

  • Battle and game mechanics
  • All new Pokemon elements
  • Aesthetic and graphic user interface changes within the game
  • Pokeworld map changes
  • Various obtainable Pokémon

Where to Download Pokemon Omega Ruby version?

First of all, before you try to look for the best site where you can download this brilliant game, you should take into consideration what kind of device or gaming devices you would be using. For that matter, there are many ways how to play this iteration of . Android, for emulation purposes, can play a Nintendo 3DS or any Nintendo rom, which can be in a form of an apk file, gba file, or zip file.

Aside from android devices, you can also play in your Nintendo 3DS device, even without a physical cartridge, any Pokemon Omega Ruby Download GBA file first from a a legitimate source, then you simply transfer the downloaded file onto a flash card or any special Nintendo 3DS cartridge.

There are many emulator or rom sites that offer free downloading of roms. Some of these sites specialize in providing rom copies of games from the first Gameboy, first Sega Dreamcast, first Playstation One, to until the latest form of gaming device, particularly the Nintendo gaming system – the Nintendo 3DS.

There are currently two legitimate sites where roms can be downloaded from, meaning they have been found safe to use and browse. These are Citra, a Nintendo 3DS emulator, and Gba-renamer.com, which has a wide portfolio of classic and modern Pokemon games from various gaming systems, such as the: Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo System, Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade, MAME, Gameboy, Nintendo 3DS, and games for desktop computers.

Pokemon Omega Ruby, which is the sixth generation Pokemon game from the Nintendo and Game Freak companies, can be downloaded from the two sites, Citra and Emuparadise.

How to Install the Decrypted Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom;

If you have a desktop running on Mac OS X, Windows, or any Linux OS, and you are planning to play. Citra may be the best site to download an emulator from. Aside from providing emulator downloads, Citra also provides Nintendo 3Ds compatibility reviews.

Before you can run any Pokemon rom in your desktop computer, you must first download the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator. This application will be installed on your computer and will emulate, through your desktop computer’s hardware, how a real physical Nintendo 3DS device works.

For your information, Citra is currently in its experimental form, and some games are not yet compatible to be played with the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator. Despite this little problem, it seems that this game has been tested with great compatibility on Citra, and gamers are expected to experience only little to no bugs while playing the Pokemon game.

After you have downloaded the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator and made necessary settings adjustment with Citra emulator and your computer, you would also download this rom from a provider website. And, this is where Emuparadise will come into the picture.

The Emuparadise website also provides emulator, however, because of Citra, you would not be downloading any other emulator from the website. Instead, you would only be downloading the Pokemon game in the Emuparadise website.

A Step by Step Guide to Downloading;

 Now, your emulator and desktop computer are set, you are now ready to download the rom. Emuparadise has a highly user-friendly website that would help you download the rom with ease.

First, either go to the “Roms, ISOs, Games” tab at the upper left corner of the website, or go to the Featured Sections and look for the “Roms, ISOs & Games” link. From there, you would be redirected to a list of gaming systems, there you look for and click the link, which says “Nintendo DS Roms.”

Then from there, you can try and click the first letter of the game you were looking for. However, if you cannot find this game. You may want to try the following Nintendo 3DS rom websites: Nico Blog and Mad Loader.

On the Mad Loader website, you can download this rom (decrypted version). Links for downloading the Pokemon game rom are provided at the end of his website. There are two parts to be downloaded. The archive password is “madloader.com”, of course, without the two quotation marks.

The decrypted version of the game means that this version can be automatically played with emulators, such as Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator, without you having decrypt an unencrypted version of the rom. This just saves you the time that instead decrypting a rom, you are already playing.

The rom provided by Mad Loader in madloader.com is a decrypted version  that has been divided into two downloadable parts. The total size of the packed rom is approximately 1.20 gigabytes, and 1.80 gigabyte after file extraction. Its region is the USA region, which means you will not be seeing any Japanese characters within the game, and all has been successfully modified for the North American release.

So, there you have it – you’re now knowledgeable enough to start your own Omega Ruby (or Alpha Sapphire) adventure.

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