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The Pokemon Sun rom, according to critics and gamers alike, is touted as one of the more enjoyable Pokemon games that has ever been released in the franchise. However, with all the praise that surrounds the Pokemon games of the past, what makes this one game a game changer? Is this all hype or is this the real-deal-awesome game of the decade?

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Pokemon Sun is the next iteration of our most favorite franchise dating back to our childhood. Published on November 16, 2016, the role-playing game Pokemon Sun and Moon is the first installment of the seventh generation of Pokemon games. The game seriously packs a punch with all the added features that it has implemented, mostly taking note of the previous game of Pokemon X and Y.

The gameplay in the Pokemon Sun 3ds video game remains the same as with all other Pokemon games where you play as a trainer who seeks to improve himself and defeat an evil organization. Along the way, you will encounter random trainers, which could either be NPCs or players themselves. You can also trade Pokemon with other players in the game. Though Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are two different takes on the same game, trading is still possible. If you are using Pokemon Sun and your friends uses Pokemon Moon you can trade with them to complete your Pokedex.

What’s New In The 7th Generation of Pokemon Video Games?

Pokemon Sun has some nice additions to its plethora of wonders. The game has more vivid and enchanting scenery thanks to the improved 3D polygonal structures in the game. However, polygons are not the only thing going for this game, each nook and cranny seen in the game has been carefully thought of and rendered making the game a true feast for any gamer’s eyes.

Though not new, Mega Evolution is a welcomed bonus to Pokemon Sun. Along with the not so new but welcomed features in Pokemon Sun is its compatibility with Pokemon Bank. Pokemon Bank is a storage service that was implemented in past Pokemon games and is now being implemented in Pokemon Sun.

A new feature in Pokemon Sun is its language pack which now includes Chinese in both simplified form and traditional forms, a first in all Pokemon games.

pokemon sun rom citra 3ds download

The Universe

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Sun where you take on a journey of a Pokemon trainer on the Alola Region. Alola Region is composed mainly of islands owing its design to the islands of Hawaii. It has been noted by players how the game designers of Pokemon Sun made trips to Hawaii to research on its islands for use in designing the islands of Alola Region.

Besides the magnificent scenery of Alola Region, you also get to see two new foes in the game – Team Skull and the Aether Foundation. Team Skull is the de facto Team Rocket for the Alola Region and would be the primary antagonist in the game. The Aether Foundation, on the other hand, is an organization that does research on Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts are mysterious creatures that come from other dimensions and learning more about them would be the most interesting aspect of the game.

Along with the other Pokemon encountered on the previous iterations of Pokemon games, there are an additional 81 Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Collecting all of the Pokemon, plus an additional 81 new Pokemon can be tiresome, but it is enjoyable at best. On the other side that the mantra of “Collect them all!” isn’t residing in you, you can trade with other players to complete your Pokedex and achieve every trainer’s goal to collect all of the Pokemons in every Pokemon games.

At the beginning of your journey in Pokemon Sun, you will be given a choice of three starter Pokemon. The Pokemon Sun starters are Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. All starting Pokemon are great to start out in the beginning whether you’re a veteran or a beginner Pokemon trainer. I can assure you will find the first rounds playing with the starters highly enjoyable.

Pokemon Sun Legendaries

When it comes to Pokemon, collecting them all doesn’t necessarily give you the “bragging rights” associated with the rarest Pokemon. In Pokemon Sun Version you get what is called as Legendary Pokemon, collecting them is definetly a  significant achievement. The two Pokemon Sun and Moon rom Legendaries are Solgaleo (the Pokemon signifying the Sun) and Lunala (the Pokemon meaning the Moon).

Once you know what they can do collecting the Legendary Pokemons is a feat in itself, but having them in your possession is highly rewarding, because of the things they are capable of.

Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel Type Pokemon with Sunsteel Strike Move and Full Metal Body ability. The Sunsteel Strike Move will prove to be the greatest weapon in Solgaleo’s arsenal as it can be used on any Pokemon ignoring the enemy Pokemon’s Abilities. Having the Full Metal Body Ability prevents any stat reduction moves done by any Pokemon against Solgaleo. Solgaleo is also capable of the Radiant Sun Phase.

Lunala, on the other hand, is a Psychic/Ghost Type Pokemon capable of unleashing the Moongiest Beam on all its foes. Moongiest Beam allows Lunala to strike her foes even regardless of their abilities just like Solgaleo’s Sunsteel Strike Move. She also has the Shadow Shield Ability as well as the Full Moon Phase. The Shadow Shield ability makes Lunala a tough nut to crack since the shadow shield ability reduces damage taken by Lunala from moves while she is still at full HP.

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see, Pokemon Sun rom is a true gem in the gaming industry. This new iteration of the Pokemon game brings back the awe, and the wonder gamers felt the first time they came across a Pokemon game, it inevitably brings back childhood memories.

If you want a Pokemon game to relinquish the great experience the franchise offers or just want to try a new game, then you should try out the Pokemon Sun rom download.

Since the game has received wide critical acclaims Pokemon Sun ROM Downloads have skyrocketed over the past years. Moreover, if you want to experience the thrills of this game, you can download the Pokemon Sun ROM for 3DS.

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