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From the multitude of pop culture franchises to come out of Japan, the Pokemon Silver Rom is undoubtedly of the most popular and beloved around the world. While the global phenomenon has manifested itself in several forms, from the anime, to the multitude of toys and memorabilia, Pokemon has made its true mark with fans as a video game. The Pokemon video game series began in 1996 with the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. The popularity of these editions ushered in a second generation of Pokemon games with the release of Pokemon Silver in 1996. It not only marked the continuation of the ever-growing saga; it introduced a whole new realm of Pokemon for the world to explore and enjoy.

 Just like the Pokemon gold and Crystal version Pokemon Silver takes place in a new area called Johto. As with the previous versions, the player is an aspiring Pokemon trainer who is ready to begin their journey. The game begins as the player chooses their starter from the lab of researcher Professor Elm. Throughout the game, players encounter different towns where one can buy items, heal their Pokemon, and meet in-game characters who offer special items in return for different tasks. After defeating the eight gym leaders from each town, the player goes on to battle the Elite Four.

Once the Elite Four and reigning Pokemon champion have been defeated, players are ready to go to Kanto, where they can relive the journey of Red, Blue, and Yellow, including battling old gym leaders, traveling through familiar towns and caves, and catching more first generation Pokemon. After defeating the gym leaders of Kanto, the player is ready to enter Mt. Silver, which houses the most powerful Pokemon and the strongest Pokemon trainer, who players will recognize as Red, the protagonist of Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The structure and gameplay is very similar to that of the first generation games but in a wider and more expanded world. The dynamics of Pokemon battles are similar, as are the way trainers spot the player while traveling. Players also get to battle the familiar Team Rocket and also have a rival that unexpectedly battles them at different points in the game.

Certain mechanics from the previous games are also expanded upon in Pokemon Silver Rom, including the different Pokeballs for catching Pokemon. Beyond using potions and Pokemon Centers to heal Pokemon, players can also pick berries from trees and buy milk and lemonade as additional healing aids. There are also two new HMs players can use. The Whirlpool and Waterfall HMs allow players to explore more of Johto.

pokemon silver rom

There are also a few brand new features to the game, which make for a fun and different experience for players of the original games. Players can choose to play as either a boy or a girl, adding an additional layer of immersion into the game. Pokemon lore is greatly expounded upon, with the addition of several new mysterious Pokemon, such as the Unown, which give the player a puzzling mystery to solve within the game. Pokemon eggs allow players to obtain new Pokemon and encourage them to walk around and do more exploring. Pokemon silver has new items players can use, including a fishing rod for fishing for Pokemon and items and a phone that allows players to keep in touch with different characters and trainers they meet along the way.

The true charm of the second generation Pokemon games lies in their being both new and exciting, yet  familiar and nostalgic at the same time. The new batch of 100 Pokemon have all the appeal the original generation had while bringing some new and interesting creatures into the already beloved roster. New elements, like Dark and Steel, introduce a wide new range of different kinds of Pokemon. The idea of legendaries still plays a major part in the game, with the new legendary trio composing of Suicune, Raikou, and Entei.

These legendaries have their own bases, but the game also has them roaming around Johto, making the hunt for them all the more exciting as players won’t know their location until they find them in a random patch of grass. Some of the new generation of Pokemon are also evolutions of or connected to the previous generation, making the prospect of raising and evolving them all the more fun. Getting to revisit the world of Kanto with colorful new graphics and with both new and old Pokemon gets players both more eager to play the game, while at the same taking a trip down memory lane with its predecessors.

This pokemon installment was an exciting new expansion on an already fun and enjoyable series of games. It introduces a whole new world of stories and Pokemon into an already rich world while letting players revisit the beloved and well-known previous games. Silver and its companion game Gold are an excellent way to get new and old players invested into the world of Pokemon so they can take on their own journey of becoming a Pokemon master.

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