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Pokemon Leaf Green Version

 Pokemon leaf green rom and Pokemon – Fire Red version are a pair of games set in the region of Kanto as part of the Generation III Core Series. The games were first released on 29th January 2004 in Japan, on 9th of September in North America, on 23rd September in Australia and on 1st October in Europe of the same year. Pokemon LeafGreen and Fire Red are the first remakes in the famous Pokemon series franchise and revisit the old Pokemon games; Pokemon green and red versions. These remakes have the same features of the original games such as the characters, challenges, plot elements and some upgrades.

Game Boy’s Advanced Wireless adapter was also released with the two games on their first release. It eliminated the need for having Game Link Cable when you trade between the two games and also Pokémon Emerald version which was released later on.  This version gained popularity like the other games in the series and also went on to become the second best-selling games on Game Boy Advance. The games were only behind Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby version and also received Nintendo’s coveted Player’s choice award.

Like all other role-plating games in the Pokémon series released for the Game Boy console, this game uses an overhead perspective third perspective play. The main display is an overworld that the player navigates. You also get access to the main menu of the game where you can configure your gameplay settings, items and Pokémon. The screen automatically switches to a turn-based mode when you encounter a wild Pokémon or are challenged by a trainer and shows the player and engaged Pokémon.

In a battle, you may select a technique for your Pokémon to use, an option to switch your Pokémon, try to flee or pick a game item. Each Pokémon is assigned HPs—hit points, which when depleted incapacitates the Pokémon until it is revived. Once an engaged Pokémon is incapacitated, the remaining Pokémon in the battle gains a predefined amount of EXPs—experience points. Afterwards, depending on how many EXPs you Pokémon has garnered they may level up.

Another essential element of the game is capturing Pokémon. When in battle with a wild Pokémon, you can throw a poke ball, and if you successfully capture it, then it becomes yours. But it’s not as easy as it sounds since there are a lot of factors that come into play. The two main factors that affect your success in capturing a wild Pokémon are the target Pokémon’s HP and also the kind of poke ball used. Simply put, the lower the target Pokémon’s HPs and the higher the strength of the poke ball translates to a higher rate of success in capturing Pokémon.

While this Pokemon title is a remake of the previous Pokémon Red and Green—which was only released in Japan and blue in America, they have some added features. It includes enhanced usability like the contextual tutorial that allows users to look up games stats at any point in the game.

Moreover, when you continue a saved checkpoint, you are shown the last four things you did. The two games are also compatible with the Advance Game Link Cable from Game Boy through which connected players can battle or trade. Players are also able to connect with Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby and also Pokémon Colosseum which allows them to acquire over 350 Pokémon. Additionally, Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red can also connect to Nintendo’s GameCube giving you access to the Pokémon box—Sapphire and Ruby.

But that’s not all, in the box the player is allowed to view and organise his/her Pokémon and in the Colosseum, you can use your Pokémon in battle. Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red are also compatible with the Advance Wireless Adapter by Game Boy which is prepackaged in the games.

You can also plug in the adapter into Game Boy’s advance system link port which will allow you to interact with other players provided they’re in the 30 to 50 feet range radius. Also, up to 30 players can connect in the Union Room—a specialised location where they can chat, battle or trade. And Nintendo even set up Joy Spots throughout Japan’s retail locations for this reason.

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Pokemon LeafGreen version

Game plot

Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red are based mostly in the fiction region called Kanto. It’s a distinct region in the Pokémon world and includes a variety of geographical Pokémon habitats, human cities and towns and specific routes between different locations. Some of the areas are restricted, in that, you one of your Pokémon may need to learn an ability or may need to acquire a specific item to access the area. As the story comes to an end, the main protagonist will be able to go to Sevii Islands—an area absent in the original Pokémon Red and Blue games. Once you’ve complete your mission in the Sevii islands, you will be to trade Pokémon from the Hoenn region.

Game Synopsis

 The main protagonist is the same young boy that was in FireRed who lives in small town knows as Pallet town. The young protagonist ventures alone to an area with tall grass before being warned to stop by Professor Oak.

Professor Oak is a popular Pokémon researcher and explains to the protagonist that such tall grass is often home to wild Pokémon and it would be dangerous if the player were to encounter one alone. The professor takes the player to his lab where he meets an aspiring Pokémon trainer who also happens to be a rival and Professor Oak’s grandson. They are instructed to choose a starter Pokémon for their adventures where they also battle it out against each other throughout the game.

You will encounter specialized establishments throughout the game known as gyms with gym leaders of which you must defeat to get a badge and progress. Once you acquire all eight badges, you’re allowed to enter Pokémon league where you’ll battle the Elite four. You will also fight against the forces of Team Rocket as you foil their devious plans throughout the game until you finally meet and defeat Giovanni—team Rocket’s general. Once you’ve defeated the elite four, Lorelei vanishes who you later meet in her house after being allowed to go to the Sevii islands.

Afterwards, you will once again thwart the plans of Team Rocket on your new adventure with Lorelei, recover two well-hidden artifacts—the sapphire and ruby. Once recovered, you can combine the two artifacts in the main computer after which you trade, battle, communicate, etc. with Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerld .

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats

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