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Just like in the first generation in the Pokemon Fire Red Rom and Pokemon Emerald, and it’scounterpart Leaf Green you begin your journey in Pallet Town. You try to leave via Route one, but your’e quickly encountered by the Pokemon Professor Oak who then asks you and your rival to choose one pokemon from his desk. You the player get the first pick of the litter and as you will notice your rival gets envious. No matter which pokemon you choose your rival will always choose the one whose type is super effective against yours. While both of yall are battling each other. Professor Oak will teach both of you the basics of a Pokemon battle.

Once you defeat your rival he gives off a snark remark and heads on out. From there both of yalls journey to the top begins. Your very first task is to retrieve a package from the Poke mart located in Virdian City and hand deliver it to the professor. Once you have completed t he task. The professor hands you a shiny new Pokemon Fire Red Pokedex and now your journey is officially on the way!. You’ll notice that Virdian City’s Gym is locked. You’ll be able to access this later on in the game though be aware that the gym leader is really tough!.

On your way to Virdian City you will encounter your very first battle with other pokemon trainers. One via Route two then another inside the Virdian forest. Your very first battle with an official Pokemon trainer will be with a trainer named Brock. Brock specializes in the rock type and he’s the Pewter City gym leader. Once you go through a very tough first gym battle you’ll trot on via Route three and ahead through Mt. Moon. Once their you’ll come across team rocket and their Pokemon Meowth, as usual in this game you can see they are trying to siphon very rare fossils from inside the cave. You will have to defeat them in order to get through the dark cave.

You’re then handed 1 of the 2 Pokemon fossils (Helix or Dome) which can later be brought back to life (Omanyte and Kabuto). Now head on over to Route four and to Cerulean City to meet the next gym leader Misty who uses the water type Pokemon and has a very powerful Starmie!. . If you look up north you will be greeted with two optional routes that lead you to a cottage owned by Bill. But before you make it to Bills cottage you’re approached by a team rocket team member who want’s you to link up with their gang.

Once you turn down the offer you continue your way to Bills cottage. Once there he asks you to free himself from his Clefairy transformation. Whenever you free him he slips you a free ticket for the S.S Cruiseship. . You’ll arrive at Route five once you taken the shortcut through you’ll run into a house which had been robbed by team rocket.

Once you have journeyed through Routes five and six, You’ll be able to skip-over traveling through Saffron City via the underground path into Vermilion city. Once their you’ll notice that this city also has a Pokemon Gym as well, but you’re not able to access it because of a small tree blocking the path. Your only move is to head on board into the S.S Cruise ship and show your ticket you had received earlier to the sailor. . Remember the tree from earlier? You’ll be able to cut it down with the Hm “cut”, once you complete the captains mission he asks of you. There are seven Hms btw. Now that you have the HM cut and the cascade badge you’re able to cut your way through and challenge the gym leader known as Lt. Surge. Lt Surge loves electric type Pokemon and his gym is covered with invisible walls which can be quite annoying!. .

Now your’e going to head down Route eleven and on the way you’ll pass through digletts cave, which happens to be the only way back to Route two. You’ll also need to pick up the second HM (Flash) which you can easily find by talking to Professor Oaks’s aide along Route two. Next you need to head over to the back of Pewter City’s museum, and cut down the tree blocking the back entrance in order to retrieve the Old Amber which will enable you to get the Pokemon Aerodactyl . Now you can head back through Digletts Cave, and cut back to Vermilion. You need to travel east of Cerulean and onto Route nine heading towards Rock Tunnel.

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If you can tell once inside of the Rock Tunnel it’s very dark. Now you can travel through the dark which I wouldn’t recommend or you can use the HM flash (a very bright light that lights up even the darkest caves) which is recommended for this particular moment. Once you get through exploring Rock Tunnel inside head on over to Lavender Town. You can tell that there isn’t much to do here. There’s no gym in this town but you do have the luxury of heading to the haunted Pokemon Tower.

Okay you need to head on over to Route 8 which will lead you to Saffron City but in order to get there you must take another Underground Path which will lead you back to Route seven and you’ll end up on the west side of Saffron. If you look at the map you’ll notice that Celadon City is just a few blocks away. Celadon hosts the games fourth Pokemon gym and its leader loves the grass type Pokemon so remember to bring your fire type. But wait there’s another pesky tree blocking the way cut it down and you’ll see a older man outside peeking at the woman inside the gym (pretty creepy huh?).

Also in Celadon Team rocket has a hideout located inside of the Rocket Game Corner. Basically the Game Corner is just a cover up for their hideout. Once you travel throughout the complex infrastructure and defeat everyone inside you’re greeted by Team Rockets boss Giovanni. Giovanni is a very tough battle so I advise you to level up alot of your pokemon and brings lots of potions and aides for your Pokemon. Once you defeat him he ends up leaving and leaves a Silph Scope behind. This Silph Scope Enables you to explore the haunted Pokemon Tower to its fullest.

It also reveals the ghost Pokemon known as Gastly and Haunter. You’ll notice the ghost of Marowak awaits you at the top of the tower that team rocket had killed earleir in the game. Once you defeat it the tower becomes peaceful once again. Once you make it the very top you’ll see team rockets grunts have Mr Fuji tied up, defeat them to save Mr Fuji. . Mr Fuji thanks you and gives you a Poke flute which will enable you to wake up the sleeping Snorlax that is blocking Route eleven and Route sixteen. The third HM which contains Fly awaits you north of Route sixteen, cut the tree blocking the way to get it.

Fushia City awaits you but there’s two ways to get their. You can go both ways the Snorlax are preventing you from going just defeat them and head down cycling road. The other way is Routes twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen which make up the Silenced Bridge, which then takes you to the south of Kanto, Safari zone, and Fuschia City home of the Gym leader Koga who specializes in Poisonous pokemon. Inside of the safari zone is a contest being held in which the player who is able to reach a specific rest home first will be given the HM surf as a prize. There’s also another HM (strength) which can be obtained by finding the wardens gold teeth inside the Safari Zone.

You then have to go back to Lavender Town or Celadon CIty. You’ll encounter the other sleeping Snorlax on your way back. Wake him up with the Poke Flute and either defeat him or capture him (which can be difficult). After you make a quick pit stop at the Mansion in Celadon you can finally access Saffron City. But Team Rocket is blocking every door in the city! You can’t even get inside of the Pokemon gym. Only one of the city’s buildings is not blocked and that is the gym holding the fighting type Pokemon. Defeat the leader and you’re presented with a choice of two unique fighting Pokemon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Silph Co.’s headquarters the city’s main centerpiece has been taken over by none other than Team Rocket, and at the very top of it lies Giovanni Team Rockets boss. He’s much stronger this time around. He wants the Master ball the company has worked on. Defeat him again and he leaves. .

Now the beautiflu city of Saffron is free of Team Rocket. You can go and fight Sabrina the city’s gym leader she likes to use psychic Pokemon. Her gym is similar to Lt Surges as there are a bunch of invisible traps that make it difficult to navigate. Once you end up defeating her you need to make your way back to Fuschia City. . . Collect the rest of the gym badges so you can travel to the open sea Routes nineteen and twenty. Along the way you’ll come across some islands known as Seafoam islands. Once you have explored the islands make way to Cinnabar island, and take on the gym Leader Blaine. Blaine’s main type is fire so capturing a couple of water type shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Also note that you can resurrect your Pokemon fossils you obtained earlier in the game here via the facilities. Once you defeat Blain, your buddy Bill pops up outta nowhere and asks you to assist him south of Kanto in a small area known as Sevii islands. You’re given the option to help or not, I advise you to help him. You’ll be taken their via the Seagallop Ferry which drops you off to one of the islands. Their awaits Bill’s friend Celio who is trying to connect to the PC systems of Kanto. In the midst of all of this a crisis is going down on the second island the Game Corners Owners daughter has gone missing, and on the third island a gang of interloping Bikers are wreaking havoc. When you find the lost girl and defeat the gang of bikers. You and Bill will return back to Kanto where the final Gym in Virdian City awaits you.

Guess who the leader of the gym is? Once again Giovanni! Defeat him and he promises to leave Team Rocket and disappears. Now that you have all of the eight badges the only thing left is the Pokemon League residing in Indigo Plateau on the corner of Route twenty three.

You’ll have to face the Elite Four just like the other games. These are trainers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best. The first of the four is Lorelei who uses ice type Pokemon the second is Bruno who loves the fighting type, third is Agatha who specializes in Ghost type, and the final is Lance who uses the rare Dragon type. Once you defeat the four, you have one more person to face, and it’s none other than your rival! Once you defeat him Professor Oak chimes in and tells you you’ve won and your Pokemon are entered into the Hall Of Fame.

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