Who is the best pokemon in emerald

//Who is the best pokemon in emerald

Who is the best pokemon in emerald

 So what exactly is the most powerful Pokemon to catch in Emerald?

I gotta say that picking the best Pokemon in Emerald out of 386 may seem to be difficult, but in reality it isn’t. Now when I say the best I’m not taking into you or my skills. Any seasoned Pokemon master can squeeze out every inch of potential in the weakest Pokemon. However I’m not going to take that into consideration. I’m just going to go by raw numbers.

Any type of Steel Or Dragon Pokemon and you’ll be good to go will be my pick. But here’s a short list of some of the strongest types of pokemon in pokemon emerald download each of their respective types.

A List Of The Best Pokemon In Emerald

best pokemon in emerald

Water type – Milotic!
Fire type – There’s not alot of fire-type Pokemon but Torkoal and Blaziken would be the best choices.
Grass type – Tropius, Ludiculo, or Breloom
Electric type – Magneton or Manectric
Normal type – Slaking is another favorite of mines, although truance can be a little annoying at times..
Fighting type – Hariyama or Breloom ( who seems to be a fan favorite of Pokemon enthusiasts )
Flying type – Skarmory, Tropius, or Swellow
Poison type – Not alot of them in the game, but I would go with Tentacruel, Victoreebel 🙂
Ground type – Swampert, Claydol, or Whiscash (even though battling can be extremely ANNOYING)
Psychic type – (yeah my favorite type!) Gardevoir, Claydol, or Metagross
Rock type – Aggron is a beast and yes he is my favorite pokemon in emerald!
Ice type-  Glalie or Walrein
Bug type – Heracross it seems like not a lot of folks use the Bug type which is unfortunate because they can be lethal if you take the time to train them and get to know the ins and outs of them.
Dragon type – Salamence
Ghost type – Sableye and same for dark types (well Absol too for Dark types)
Steel type  – Metagross!!!! and Aggron (Aggron is one of my favorites and is so versatile it’s crazy)


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