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Much like in Ruby and Sapphire the Pokemon Emerald Rom Game plays basically the same way. The persons’ character has the ability to move in all directions, while talking to various people amongst the world. You will run across wild Pokémon in the grass, as well as surfing, exploring abandoned caves, and a couple of other ways. You also get the option to see other Pokémon starters by battling against the different trainers the game has to provide. You’ll notice your screen shifting to a black color, while a distinct melody briefly plays indicating a battle is about to happen.

You’ll see two players facing opposite off each other as well as their respected Pokémon in front of them.  You can see the stats of the respected trainers and Pokémon next to them. The Pokémon’s current level , the current health status of the Pokémon, a Pokémon number which will be between 1 through six, as well as any status effects (such as paralysis, sleep, freeze, and burn.

At the beginning of the battle one Pokémon will attack first, which one you might ask? The one with the fastest speed will be the one who attacks first of each Pokémon. Each trainer has 4 options to choose from. You can either run away from the battle (but only if it’s a wild Pokémon, you cannot run from a Pokémon trainer), fight the wild Pokémon, bag, and switch out the current Pokémon to another one on your team.

All Pokémon possess up to 4 moves that they can use during a battle (sometimes you’ll catch Pokémon in the wild with only a few moves, but you can always teach them moves later on in the game) each move can have different effects, a few ways to use them, as well as the types such as grass/fire/psychic etc. When your Pokémon is drained to 0 HP they faint, forcing you to switch to a different Pokémon in your starting lineup. When trainers in Pokémon Emerald rom are all in a fainted state you end up losing. Then the game automatically sends you to a poke center to heal all of your Pokémon free of charge.

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However when you end up winning the battle you’ll notice your Pokémon’s experience points raise up. Earn enough experience points and your Pokémon grows to a higher level. Also the Pokémon learns newer moves, and its stats are upgraded as well such as its attack, defense, speed, health, and special defense.

Another thing you’ll see throughout the game is 2 vs. 2 trainer fights. Some of the Pokémons moves are designed to include multiple partners, and some of these special attacks can hit both of the opponents Pokémon at once! There is a slight difference in Pokemon emerald rom that you couldn’t do in sapphire, and ruby, and that is the option that allows you to have a 2 vs. 2 trainer fight giving you the option to fight each trainer separately. In Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby you had to battle against the two specific trainers.

All Pokémon in the game have a unique ability to aide themselves in a battle. Such as having the ability that will make your Pokémon much stronger if they’re on their last leg. Whenever a trainer is moving about whether it be in the grass, caves, or surfing you’ll come across wild Pokémon that you can catch with a poke ball. One tip any trainer should be made aware of is that if you weaken the wild Pokémon to its last Hp you’ll have a much greater chance of catching it. You can also put that Pokémon to sleep or paralyze it when it has just a few hp left to have a GREATER chance of securing the wild Pokémon. There are also different types of poke balls you can buy in the poke shops scattered throughout the poke world.

Trainers can trade and battle against other trainers by linking their own copy of Pokemon with different GameBoy advanced games such as sapphire, ruby, FireRed, and LeafGreen. You have two options to choose from. One each player can use a GameBoy Advanced link cable. Two, you can you the wireless adapter that came bundled with LeafGreen, and FireRed. Another cool thing to note is that Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is compatible with trading for Pokémon that you would not otherwise see in Pokemon Emerald rom.

With everything you can do in this game from battling, exploring random caves, hunting for rare Pokémon there is still enough to do to pass the time by. You can try to capture all of the Pokemon in the game to update your pokedex or you can put your Pokémon in contests in which they can try to win in five various categories: Beauty, Cute, Tough, and Smart competitions. At the beginning of the game you’re given a special item also known as a “PokeNav”. This allows a trainer to to see the whole world, check your Pokémon’s current stats, and make and answer phone calls with the trainers you have already faced in which you have the choice of a simple conversation or schedule a future pokemon online battle.

A couple of other nice features the Pokemon Emerald rom comes with is the animations feature in which a players Pokémon makes animations during battles (this is something that was not present in Sapphire and Ruby). There’s also a lot of Pokemon Emerald video game cheats out there (just a heads up).

There is also the Battle Frontier which expanded on and replaced the Battle Tower previously in other Pokémon games. You’ll encounter a man throughout the game on several occasions who will grant you access to the Battle Frontier once you defeat the Pokémon  league champ. There are six new areas included in the Battle Frontier. Once you complete them you’re rewarded with “Battle Points” which can then be spent on cool prizes you can use in the game.

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