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Pokemon Crystal Version

Just like in the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver you first start off in Pokemon Crystal rom Professor Elm Calls you down into his building and asks you to run a errand for him.

Then he gives you a Pokemon to start out with. You are able to choose one out of the three he presents you. Cyndaquil the fire type, Chikorita the grass type, or Totodile the water type are the three Pokemon Crystal starters to select from. They will assist you on your journey throughout the game. You then are asked to go to Mr Pokemon’s house.

Once you’re their. You’ll meet none other than the Pokemon Professor himself Mr Oak who has dedicated his life into learning everything there is about Pokemon. He basically carved himself into the ultimate Pokemon master, so anything he tells you is not to be taken with a grain of salt . He sizes you up for a bit then decides to hand you a Pokedex which will assist you on your journey throughout the Poke world.

The Pokemon crystal pokedex enables you to do various things such as discover different traits each Pokemon possesses and other useful information. Once everything is settled between the both of you and you head on back to Professor Elms establishment, you will encounter a mysterious yet envious Pokemon Trainer who seems to hate everything about you. Note that you will see him various times throughout the game. Whenever you defeat this jealous trainer and head on over back to New Bark Town, you’ll find out that some burglar had invaded Professor Elms lab and took one of his precious Pokemon.

You’ll soon find out that the Pokemon in the pokemon crystal version that had been took was the same one you faced against in the mysterious battle on the way here! Of course the same description of the thief is the same description the Professor provides. Also note that it doesn’t matter which Pokemon you choose in the beginning. The mysterious trainer will always pick the Pokemon who is super effective against yours. That mysterious Pokemon trainer is going to be your rival throughout the entire course of the game. You’ll both battle against each other a slew of times proving which one of y’all is going to be the ultimate Pokemon Master.

Okay so now Team rocket has decided to return with a whole brand new attitude, and since Giovanni has abandoned them, they are trying and I say that with a sarcastic tone to take over the Pokemon world, starting with Johto. So it’s no surprise that Team Rocket is up to no good. They’re chopping off the tails of slowpokes, slapping a high price tag on them, and selling them as grub for the local towns. That’s not all of it though, they’re also cooking up plans to use the radio frequencies to stunt the growth of the local Pokemon residing at Lake Of Rage.

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Once you take down or you can catch the Red Gyrados residing at the Lake, Lance will show up and give you some praise for your battles and asks you to assist him in finding where the radio signals are coming from. Now that you have arrived at the Souvenir Shop in Mahogany town, Lance can be seen with his Dragonite arguing with the owner for some reason unknown. There’s a secret door that leads to Team Rockets hangout which was discussed of by a irritated ex Team Rocket member. Once you get through the hideout, and defeat the Team Rockets Leader, your friend Lance will ask your help in knocking off the Electrode who happen to be root cause of the radio signals.

Once the task has been completed, Lance says congrats and hands you the whirlpool HM and both the players go about there journey. Now that you have defeated the gym leader of Mahogany gym, Professor Elm calls you asap and lets you know of a mysterious broadcast emitting from Goldenrod City’s Radio Tower. Now that you have reached Goldenrod City you quickly realize that none other than Team Rocket has complete control of the Radio Tower. They have a strong intent to convince their former leader Giovanni to come back and join them.

They also have Goldenrod station Director tied up somewhere and replaced him with a person masking as the Director himself. Both of yall come to a battle and once you defeat the phony Director he spills the beans on the location where they have the real Director tied up. Now that you have found the place and free the Director, he hands you a Card Key, thus enabling you to open Radio Towers third floor, which in turn directs you to the current president of Team rocket. Once you have taken Team Rockets Leader down, he disappears, and the Director awards you with a Clear Bell (which will enable you to lure in the rare and strong Suicune Pokemon).

Sometime during the game you’ll come across the three legendary Pokemon Entei, Suicune, and Raiko asleep in a burned tower. These are three rare Pokemon that run around the Johto world. Immediately after waking them up they prance around for a second and leave except for suicune who glances at you for a moment before taking off.

Eusine the older gentleman who has waited for over ten years to see the rare Pokemon gets to finally see the Rare Pokemon. Eusine wants to know what the rare Pokemon have been looking over all of this time, so he engages you into a battle just outside of Cianwood city hoping that the rare Pokemon will show him what it is they have been looking after.

The clear bell you obtained earlier in the game can now be used. The wise trio allow you access to the top of the tower, where Suicune awaits you to challenge him. You only have one chance to catch him so be prepared!. Further down the line whenever you have caught all three of the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh returns back to the old tin tower after a 150 year hiatus of learning about humans from a distance.

Just like in every other Pokemon game your main goal is to take down all of the Gym Leaders in Johto, and get prepared to challange the Elite Four and the Pokemon League Champion. Once you have accomplished that grueling task, you can then travel the other world of Kanto and take on their Gym leaders. When you have defeated them Professor Oak will come out of nowhere and grant you permission to go to the challenging Mt. Silver, where you’ll encounter wild Pokemon who are just as tough as the Gym leaders Pokemon. Your final test will be to face the protagonist from the first generation a task that you will not be ready for.

Pokemon Crystal gba Rom zip download

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