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Our Pokemon Diamond Rom Gameplay Walkthrough

An exciting new Pokemon Diamond Rom whisperer arises from Sinnoh. His/her only concern is to become the very best Pokemon trainer to ever grace the beautiful world of Sinnoh. However, he/she will have to roam the world, meet new people along the way, and takedown anyone and everything that stands in his/her way. Just as in the previous Pokemon iterations. There’s not too much of a change in the Gym Leaders besides the Pokemon and their respected masters. Eight gyms occupy Sinnoh, and each one of the professional Gym leaders that own these buildings specialize in a specific element type.

Roark who specializes in the strong “Rock Type Pokemon” , Gardenia who specializes in the cunning “Grass Type Pokemon” , Maylene who specializes in the tough “Fighting Type Pokemon” , Crasher Wake who specializes in the aquatic “Water Type Pokemon” , Fantina who specializes in the mysterious “Ghost Type Pokemon” , Byron who specializes in the  metallic “Steel Type Pokemon” , Candice who specializes in the freezing “Ice Type Pokemon” , and Volkner who specializes in the sparky “Electric Type Pokemon”. Once defeated each individual Gym leader will hand you a gym badge, which comes in handy later on down the line.

As with every other Pokemon game. You’ll cross paths with a rambunctious gang who goes by the name of “Team Galactic”. You must stop them. Because there only objective is to catch Pokemon and use them in evil ways. Such as tearing down Sinnoh and then creating a brand new world where only they can hang out at. Just like previous pokemon games. You begin your Pokemon Diamond rom adventure starting off in your birth place. However, there is a news update about a full team of people are searching for a missing Red Gyarados, which was last seen swimming at the Lake of Rage.

You and your friend go on an adventure and travel to the nearby lake to see if yall can spot it. Once the both of yall get there. Professor Rowan (who is a Pokemon Evolution Scientist) and his most trusted assistant are already checking the lake out. All four of yall have a brief discussion about the news, and the two of them proceed to leave the lake leaving behind a briefcase. Before yall get to open the briefcase up a wild Starly appears out of the lake and attacks the both of you. Before you get the chance to defeat the wild Starly the both of you open the case up, and are surprised to see three Pokemon in it.

You get the first choice of one of the three Pokemon in the pokemon diamond rom. Chimchar the fire type type, Turtwig the grass type, or Piplip the water type. Now that you have defeated the wild Starly the professors assistant comes back to the lake to take back the briefcase to Professor Rowan. Professor Rowan realizes that you and the Pokemon you chose from the briefcase have developed a special bond, so he decides to let you keep it and embraces the both of you to step foot out in the world of Sinnoh and take on the challenges the game presents to you.

Early on in the game  a group of thugs from the pesky “Team Galactic” has captured the professor a(at this point in the game no one knows what there intentions are), and it’s up to you to take them down and rescue the professor. You’ll encounter them two more times. The first time is when they take a wind farm over. The other is when they set up a hideout in the city of Eterna. Another time you’ll see them is when they’re trying to catch Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit which make up the “Mirage” Pokemon. And the only way to do this is to try there best to take control over the three lakes of Sinnoh. Later on in the game, Team Galactic finally catches the Mirage Pokemon. This is when you have earned your 7th badge.

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They’ve imprisoned all of them at their Headquarters, and have them held up in one of their science labs. These labs are where they extract rare jewels like crystals from certain types of Pokemon in order to create a “Red Chain”. This Red Chain is something that can take complete control over the coveted Legendary Pokemon “Dialga”. Once you defeat Team Galactics grunts and release the three Mirage Pokemon. You’re given clearance to climb the cave that rests upon Mt Coronet. But before you reach the top the leader of Team Galactic has awoken the legendary Pokemon Dialga which ends up causing havoc. Dialga is so powerful!

The world of Sinnoh is devastated by the sheer power of Dialga. It takes the three Mirage Pokemon an attempt to stop it. However they can’t get the job by themselves, so you have to take matters in your own hands to restore the world of Sinnoh back to its normal state.. Once all of that is over you then continue on your adventure in an attempt to take on the ever so tough “Elite 4”. Sinnohs Elite 4 consist of:  Aaron who uses the Bug type, Bertha loves the Ground type, Flint specializes in Fire type, and last Lucian uses Psychic Pokemon.

Once you defeat all of the Elite 4’s trainers. You come across a special someone who goes by the name of “Cynthia” who had made a brief appearance early on in the game. Cynthia happens to be the Pokemon League Champ, and dueling her is more difficult than anybody you faced. If you happen to beat her, she’ll give you the title of the Sinnoh Pokemon League Champion, and the game is beaten!. Don’t go just yet! A new island is yet to be explored, and it’s habituated with newer Pokemon, new stores, and even a tournament facility. Your rival will already be waiting for you to take you on one last time.

Features – Pokemon Diamond Rom comes with the same features as the previous pokemon rom games, but just as any new pokemon game it comes with some new implementations. The time clock that was introduced in pokemon gold and silver comes back with two more time periods. Morning, day, afternoon, evening, and as well as night. The battle system has been updated. In the older generations, Pokemon moves are put in a special category type such as the physical and special types. Water/fire/grass type moves where put in the special categories and the ground type moves where put in the physical category. However, in Pokemon diamond rom the moves have been extended to 3 category groups.

Moves which require physical contact with other pokemon are physical, in contrast moves that don’t come in physical contact with other pokemon are special. The newer addition is the “Status” category, and this classifies as moves that don’t harm pokemon directly.

Most of the newer features have been geared towards the Nintendo DS. The “Poketch” which is a simulated smartwatch. This Poketch occupies the bottom screen of your DS, and houses a couple of apps such as: a calculator, a clock, a counter & drawing pad, and a map. You obtain these apps throughout your pokemon diamond venture. Underneath the surface of Sinnoh is the well known “Underground”. The Underground is a huge area that is primarily for “wireless multiplayer games”. Players in the Underground can design and spice up their own secret bases (which was first seen in Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby) as well as participate in the games featured mini games.

Support for wifi has been enabled in pokemon diamond which allows poke fans to interact through voiceChat, battle against each other, and trade pokemon. Sad to say that this feature is no longer here. Although, they did introduce the GTS(Global Trade Station) which does allow trainers to trade with each other across the world. Trainers can look up any type of Pokemon that they may have came across in the wild once upon a time. If a particular trainer happens to have the Pokemon that you’re looking for, the trade will happen instantaneously. Keep in mind that the trade doesn’t have to happen at said moment, and can be left on the table for different trainers to take a stab at, even if you’re offline.

A cool unique feature is if you happen to trade specific type of pokemon internationally. That pokemon will have a pokedex entry of the language it was born in.The older contests in Pokemon games had 1 stage. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are now made up of three stages. Inside of the Visual Competition stage, trainers have to touch the Nintendo DS’S screen in order to dress up their pokemon with accessories. These accessories will give pokemon traits (like the cool & cute trait) a boost. The Dance Competition stage you will have to get into a rhythm with the poke music by pressing the buttons  on the DS’s touchscreen. And last but not least the Acting Competition stage where your pokemon must impress the judges and crowd by using their moves.

Which is very similar to the Poke Contests in the gba versions. Just like the Pokeblocks that were in the third gen. Poffins(Baked Goods) which are made from berries. You use these to feed your Pokemon. In order for them to boost a trait. This can raise your chances of success in the contest.

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