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pokemon green rom

Pokemon Green Gameboy (GB) Version Rom Download

Pokémon Blue and Red version were initially released as Pokemon Green rom version and Pokémon Red version in Japan. They are both Pokémon role-playing video games published for the Game Boy by Nintendo and was developed by Game Freak.

The two games boast of being the first sequels of the Pokémon series and were first released in 1996 in Japan as the Pokemon Green rom and Red rom. Pokémon “Blue” was later released in the same year as a limited special edition.

The games were then released in North America, Australia, and Europe in the three years that followed. Pokémon Yellow version, another special edition was released almost a year later following the two games.

Pokémon red and Pokemon green rom were later remade as Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green for the Game Boy Advance and was released back in 2004.

Game Overview

The game is designed from an overhead perspective, and the player navigates the fictional Kanto region. The protagonist is on a quest to become a master Pokémon champion, and the goal of the game is to battle the eight gym leaders and the elite four Pokémon trainers.

But that’s not the only objective of the game; you also have to complete the Pokedex. The Pokedex is an in-game Pokémon encyclopedia and to fill it you will need to obtain all the 150 Pokémon available in the game.

Pokémon Blue and Red uses the Game Link Cable which allows you to connect two games together and also allows you to trade Pokémon or battle between the two games.

Both games can be played independently of each other but they do have the same game plot, and while you can play them separately, you will need to trade between both titles in the game to get all the 150 Pokémon and also be a champion of the Indigo League.

Game reception

Pokémon Red and Pokemon Green rom were a success with critics praising the game developers for creating a multiplayer option and the ability to trade between games. GameRankings gave the games an 89% score, and the games are also perennially ranked.

They’ve been on the top game lists including the Top 100 games of All Time on IGN for at least four years. The release of the games marked the conception of what would grow into a multi-billion dollar franchise that collectively sells millions of game copies globally.

Moreover, the games were added to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Best-selling role-playing game for the Game Boy and also for being the best-selling role-playing game of all time in 2009.

pokemon green rom

Pocket Monsters Green Rom Game play

Pokémon Red and Pokemon Green rom use an overhead perspective with a third-person view and has three main screens. They include an overworld where you navigate the protagonist, a side view of battle and an intuitive menu interface where you can configure your Pokémon, gameplay setting or any items you may have.

The player can use his/her respective Pokémon to fight another Pokémon. While on the subject, you should note that when you battle other Pokémon or encounter a wild Pokémon, the screen switches to a turn-based battle display that shows you the Pokémon that are engaged.

While in battle, the player can choose a maneuver for their Pokémon to perform which can either be to use an item, flee or switch their Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a designated HP or hits point, and once it decreases to zero, the Pokémon faints and won’t be able to continue the battle until it is revived.

Additionally, should an enemy Pokémon faint, then the player’s Pokémon gain EXP or experience points? Once a Pokémon has acquired enough experience points they can then level up.

The level of a Pokémon directly affects the number of moves it has available and its battle statistics or simply its physical properties. Additionally, at specific levels you Pokémon may be able to evolve.

When a Pokémon evolves, it affects the Pokémon battle statistics and the rate at which new moves are acquired. The higher evolution levels typically acquired more statistics with each level even though they may not be able to learn new moves that early if any, unlike lower evolution levels.

Another crucial element of Pokémon Green rom is catching Pokémon. During a battle with a wild Pokémon, the player could throw a poke ball at the target Pokémon and should he/she succeed the Pokémon will be under his/her belt.

But its typically not that simple since your success depends on the type of poke ball you use and the hit point of the target Pokémon. You essentially need to use a stronger a poke ball for a lower HP Pokémon; you get the gist of it.

Ultimately, you’re required to find all the 151 Pokémon creatures throughout the games and add them to complete your Pokedex which is a comprehensive encyclopaedia on Pokémon through capturing, evolving and trading between Pokémon red and Pokemon Green rom.

Game setting

The game is based in the region of Kanto like all the other games in the Pokémon series. The region is home to a variety of Pokémon hidden throughout a wide geographic region, and there are also towns and cities—human populated, and various routes that connect the various locations.

Some of the areas will restrict the player depending on whether or not they have acquired a special in-game item or their Pokémon has an acquired a new ability. You can find and capture Pokémon throughout the game from deep in the caves to the bottom of the sea.

The kind of Pokémon you capture varies with each location. For instance, you will only find Zubat in a cave and Tentacool when you’re in a body of water of fishing.

Game synopsis

The player begins in their hometown, Pallet. The protagonist ventures out into the tall grass before he is stopped by Professor Oak, a Pokémon researcher when he warns him that encountering wild Pokémon alone can be dangerous.

The professor takes the protagonist back to his lab where he meets Professor Oak’s grandson and soon to be rival. They are both instructed to choose a Pokémon for their adventures, and Oak’s grandson challenges the protagonist at numerous points in the game.

You will encounter specialized institutions called as gyms, with gym leaders who you must defeat to acquire all the eight badges required to progress further in the game.

Once you have all eight badges, you will be allowed into the Indigo league where you will battle the elite four and the champion—your rival. You will battle Team Rocket throughout the game as you try to foil their evil plan for Pokémon.