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Pokemon Blue Rom Gameplay Walkthrough

Legions of gamers are introduced to Kanto in Pokemon Blue rom and the Red rom version as well, where the likes of Pikachu, Mewtwo and Charmander were first found. Through a series of gradually tough levels, you will be able to explore, battle and trade your Pokémon.

Should you successfully become a trainer, you’ll access nearly 150 Pokemon. You will start your adventures as a young boy in Pallet town, and after a dangerous brush with an undomesticated Pokemon, you’ll learn to capture Pokemon as a student of Professor Oak before you go off.

Pokemon red and blue download is released

The Pokemon Red and Blue rom were initially released in Japan as the Red and Pokemon Green Rom version. They are role-playing video games published for the Gameboy by Nintendo and developed by Game Freak.

Pokemon Red and the Pokemon blue rom also happen to be the first generation in Pokemon series video games. Red and Green were released in 1996, Japan with the Blue version being released later on that year.

The games were then released in Australia, Europe and North America in the three years that followed. One year later, a special edition known as the Pokemon yellow gba rom was released. Red and Blue were then remade into Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red in 2004 for the Gameboy Advance.

Game Objective

You control the main character using an overhead perspective and then guide him throughout the game in a journey to be a master Pokemon champion. Your main goal is to become Indigo League’s Champion through defeating the eight gym leaders, four trainers and the elite Four.

Another one of your objectives is to complete your Pokedex, which is an in-game book, through collecting the Pokemon you discover. Thanks to the Game Link Cable you can simultaneously connect two games and trade your Pokémon.

However, even though both the titles have a similar plot they are independent, and although you can play them separately, you’ll often have to trade Pokémon between games to fill up the 150 slots in your Pokemon Blue rom Pokedex.

pokemon blue gba rom download

Not only will you have an overhead perspective but it also includes three generic modes, where you navigate the main character is known as the overworld, a menu interface and side-view battle screen mode. The menu interface is for configuring your collected items, Pokemon or settings.

You will be able to use your Pokemon and battle it out against other Pokemon Blue rom owners. The screen automatically becomes a turn-based screen when you’re challenged by a master or run into a wild Pokemon to show the currently engaged Pokemon.

While battling it out with other Pokemon, you will have to choose between a set of manoeuvres available for your Pokemon. It is usually a variation of using an item, fleeing or switching your Pokemon.

You should take care your hit points(HP) don’t decrease to zero since your Pokemon will faint and be unable to continue the fight until revived. If you cause your opponent’s Pokemon to faint, you’ll be award a predefined number of experience points—EXP.

Once you have enough EXP, your Pokemon will get an upgrade. It includes improvement in control of its physical body, moves learned and battle stats earned. Additionally, it may reach a point where your Pokemon evolves and improves its moves and battle stats significantly.

But it’s not just about battling it out with other masters; you also need to collect a certain number of Pokemon. In the heat of battle—it can be intense, you can throw a Poke ball to captures a wild Pokemon and own it.

But this isn’t as easy as it sounds and depends on the type of Poke ball used, HP, battle stats and EXP of the Pokemon you’re trying to captures. Your main objective is to complete all slots in your Pokedex, through evolving, capturing and trading Pokemon to get all 151 creatures.

Game Plot—Setting.

The Pokemon Blue rom is set in the mystical region of Kanto which is also shown later on further along the Pokemon series. It typically has varying geographical habitats for all the 151 species of Pokemon in the game together with human cities, towns, routes and locals.

There are some restrictions in the game. For instance, there are some areas that will be inaccessible to your uncles you find a special item or learn a special skill. But where do you find wild Pokemon in Pokemon Blue rom? Well, it can be from deep in the caves to the bottom of the sea—it varies.

For instance, you can only catch Tentacool by fishing or if you in a water body while you’ll only find Zubat deep in a cave.

Game story

The story begins in the small town of the pallet. The main character ventures out alone in the tall grass before being stopped by a Professor Oak—famous Pokemon scientist. The professor lets the boy know the dangers of encountering wild Pokemon and escorts him to his lab.

It is in the lab where the main character meets Professor Oak’s grandson and soon to be rival trainer. Each of the two boys is asked to pick a beginner Pokemon between Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander.

Pro tip: Professor Oak’s grandson, typically chooses a stronger Pokemon in a battle as compared to his opponent’s starter Pokemon. Afterwards, he’ll continue battling the main player throughout your quest at various points in the game.

During his visit, the player encounters specialised Pokemon establishments known as Gyms. Each of these Gyms has gym leaders which you–the player, will engage in a Pokemon battle and if you’re victorious, then you’ll earn the coveted eight Gym badges.

Once you’ve acquired your badges, you’ll then be allowed to go to the Indigo League which is compromised of some for the best Pokemon trainers in Kanto. Once there, you’ll get to battle the Elite Four and the new champion—your rival.

And lastly, before we forget, you’ll still have to battle the evil force that is Team Rocket. They are a criminal organisation that devises devious ways of abusing and stealing Pokemon, all of which you must uncover.

So play pokemon blue online today. Just download the Pokemon blue gba rom download, and it works just fine in any emulator just unzip the file and load it into your emulator.

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