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Our Pokemon Ruby Rom Walkthrough

You begin your journey in a town known as LittleRoot in the Pokemon Ruby Rom game.

You relocated from Johto after the fact that your father had became the new Petalburg Gym Pokemon gym leader . You start the game off inside of a moving truck which evidently brings you to Littleroot. Once you hop out of the van your mother tells you that yall have arrived at your new house. Once you go inside you can see the Machoke moving boxes around. Then your mom comes in right behind you and suggest that you go take a visit to Professor Birch’s Pokemon institute.

Once inside of the Professors house at pokemon ruby rom, his wife says hi, and says their child is upstairs. Whatever gender you choose your player to be their child will be the opposite. After the both of you catch up with each other, you’re soon t o be rival joins his/her dad out in the open field. You can see from a distance that a Poochyena is chasing Professor Birch around. He then asks of you to fetch out a Poke ball from his backpack.

This is where you get the chance to choose one of the three pokemon (Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko ) to take along with you on your journey. Right after you’ve made your decision you go into a battle with the intrepid Poochyena. Once the situation is at bay, Professor Birch gives you the Pokemon you just chose as a token of appreciation. He then advises you to go and learn some more trainer tips and to go hang out with his child on Route 103.

When you finally find him/her you both engage in a quick battle. Once you make quick work of your rival, the both of you return to Professor Birch’s office and leave with a new shiny Pokedex and a couple of Pokeballs. But before you actually make the first step into the world, your mother hands over a pair of running shoes (which will enable you to travel around much faster). Your first stop will be none other than Petalburg city. You’ll end up meeting up with your Father at the local gym.

The both of you talk and he says that he is really excited that you’re going to be a Pokemon expert. In the midst of yalls conversation a little boy by the name of Wally comes bursting in and asks your father to help him out catching a Pokemon. Your father complies and lets him borrow his Zigzagoon and one Pokeball. He then turns around and asks you to help wally catch a Pokemon. The both of you end up in Route 102, where he then proceeds to catch a wild Ralts. After that is over with the both of you head back to your fathers gym while Wally is called home. Your father wants and entices you to explore what Hoenn has to offer along with taking down its gym leaders.

You end up going through Petalburg Woods via route 104, but upon exiting you’ll notice the mischievous team MagMar is waiting ( a group similar to Team Rocket). You’ll end u p facing off with one of their grunts and once you defeat him he spurts out that they’re going around the town Rustboro City looking for something .

Spend a little time in pokemon ruby rom exploring Rustboro, and when ever you think you’re ready to take on the gym leader go ahead and defeat her. You’ll end up with the stone badge and then you’ll bump into a Devon research residing from Petalburg woods. He informs you of the robberies Team MagmaR have got away with and wants you to go retrieve them back. You willingly accept and head on over to route 116 where you’ll meet up with an older gentleman by the name of Mr. Briney. Mr Briney tells you that they have also took one of his Pokemon for ransom inside of Rusturf tunnel. Once you have made it there, go and defeat the weakling grunt. It is then that he hands over the Goods, as well as Mr Brineys Pokemon.

Upon returning the Devon goods you’re asked if you could head over to Slateports shipyard and deliver them. Now that you have arrived. You meet up Devon Corporations president Mr. Stone. He asks you a small favor to make a pitstop at Dewford Town and hand his son Steven a letter that he had wrote. When steve gets the note Mr. Stone is pleased and gives you a Pokenav as a reward.

Once you leave your rival greets you again and informs you that Mr. Briney had once been a sailor. . You then travel back through the Woods of Petalburg in pokemon ruby rom and catch back up with Mr. Briney. Mr Briney as he does in the pokemon emerald version then takes you to Dewford town via Route 105 .

There is a Cave known as Granite Cave resting North above Route 106 where Mr. Stones son is excavating in. Right before you enter the cave, you can pick up the Hm05 flash although it cannot be used until you acquire the Dewfords Gym Badge. After the acquiring the Knuckle Badge from defeating Brawly, you’ll be able to use HM05(flash) inside of Granite cave and deliver the note to Steven. Okay so now that Steven has handed you TM47 steel wing, he tells you that he appreciates your hard work and that one day you will become the Pokemon League Champion.

Your duties are done for in Dewford Town, Mr Briney will then take you to the southern part of Slateport City via Route 107, 108, and 109. . Once upon arrival, you suddenly notice that a group of Team MagmaR grunts are obstructing your entryway to Oceanic Museum inside of pokemon ruby rom. Next, you’re going to go Stern’s Shipyard and drop off the Devon goods. You’ll suddenly learn of Captain Stern residing at the Oceanic Museum. Whenever you’re able to find Mr. Stern, two nefarious grunts approach you to battle, quickly disposing of them their leader shows up saying what there plan is and to not stand foot in their way.

Once you give the Devon goods to Captain Stern you leave Slateport and peddle on across route 110. You’ll come across your rival during this stint before ending up in Mauville. Waiting in front of Mauville’s Gym is Wally and his Uncle. Wally then engages you in a battle trying to gain the respect he needs from his uncle to be ready for the gym bought. Once the battle is done with his uncle asks to stay around Verdanturf for a little while and enjoy what it has to offer. Now that you have defeated Wattson and acquired the Dynamo badge.

Your next trip is to Verdanturf, along the way you’ll have to use rock smash to brush off the obstructions blocking the entryway to Rusturf Tunnel, obtaining the HM04 strength as a present. You then head back to Mauville and peddle along Routes 111 and 112 to get to Fiery Path only to pass through the other side and along through Route 113 and end up in the pokemon ruby rom Fallarbor Town.

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Have A Blast Playing The Pokemon Ruby Rom !

You’ll end up meeting a woman named Lanette in Fallarbor’s Pokemon Center in the pokemon ruby rom, who asks you to skip along Route 114 and come over to her home. Meteor Falls rests at the end of Route 114 it is there that you’ll end up finding out Team MagmaR has stolen Professor Cozmos precious Meteorite. Out of nowhere the opposing team disturbs the situation which leads to the thieves taking off with the meteorite and retreating back to Mt Chimney. . Upon looking at the top of Mt. Chimney both of the evil teams are seen battling against each other. Then after the fight against you and the admin of the other team you discover the that the boss is using a weird machine to power up the Meteorite. You then fight against the boss and defeat him.

Depart your way out of My Chimney by taking the south path that was initially blocked by the two gangs and head on over to Lavaridge. Once there take on the gym leader Flannery to get the Heat badge, you’ll then meet up with your rival, he’ll lend you some Go Goggles and tells you that you should take a shot at your father in Petalburg gym. Defeating him will net you a Balance Badge, along with the HM03 surf from which you’ll obtain from Wally’s dad.

Your path leads you down to east of Mauville through Route 118, where you’ll cross paths with Steven once again. Nevertheless you’ll continue along Route 119 to end up at the Weather Institute, where team MagmaR is holding them up in pursuit of some Pokemon that the company has developed. After you make light work of the grunts and defeat the challenging leader, the company thanks you for helping them with the Pokemon ( Castform ) they had created. Upon exiting the building your rival appears out of nowhere and takes you on. Once defeated he hands over the HM02 fly.

Afterwards you’ll end up in Fortree city to find out that there is something blocking the pathway to the gym. Back on route 120 Steven hands you a Devon Scope which will enable you to see the invisible obstruction blocking the gyms entryway, which ends up being Kecleon Pokemon. Once the gyn leader of Fortree Winona is taken care of, she hands up the Feather Badge. The next city in you’ll end up in will be Lilycove. Making your way to route 121 you’ll notice a few grunts talking about plans to infiltrate Mt Pyre. Once you make it to Lilcove you’ll see it littered with grunts. Your rival will be standing outside of the Lilycove Department shop waiting to battle, when you defeat him he sighs a breath of hopelessness and tells you that he will return back to Littleroot.

You make way towards Mt. Pyre with intentions of making the evil gang disappear. At the top of Mt. Pyre in pokemon ruby rom the boss of the mischievous gang has stolen the orbs and yells out that it’s to late to stop them and they leave to Slateport. An elderly couple hands you the orbs counterpart and demands that you put an end to the nefarious gang. Once you arrive in Slateport, pokemon ruby rom you receive information from Captain Stern that he has uncovered a cavern that lies under water alongside Route 128. You then find out the mischievous gang has took over captain Sterns sub! At this point the gang taunts you and says that their next hangout will be somewhere in Lilycove. After you fight your way through the grunts of the hideout, the leader stalls you with a battle until the boss is able to take off with the sub-marine. (You’ll also discover a rare Masterball in the hideout ).

Your next move is to go to Mossdeep through Route 124. Just north of the city is Steven’s home where he’ll give you the HM08 dive. Go back to the Gym and take on both of its leaders Liza and Tate to receive the Mind Badge. At this point you should head back to Route 128, use the HM dive, and find the vile gang residing in the underwater Sea Cavern. A showdown will occur with the gangs boss whenever you reach the deepest part of the sea cavern, which causes him to to activate the Orb waking up the legendary Groudon in the pokemon ruby version game download. Once awoke Groudon disappears leaving the weather of Hoenn in an uncontrollable state. After all of that is said and done, the boss of the teams opposition shows up seeing that he is unable to keep Groudon under control. They both team together thinking that the two of them will be able to control the situation.

Steven shows up after the two leaders leave, telling you to head down to Sootopolis located in the pokemon ruby rom where he thinks Groudon went. You’ll head to route 126 use dive to find the the bottom entryway of Sootopolis. Once inside of Sootopolis you’ll link back up with Steven and his long time friend Wallace. Wallace is Sootopolis’s Gym leader and who also happens to have special duties protecting the Cave Of Origin. Wallace then gives you access to the cave where Groudon is angrily waiting once he sees that you posses the Orb. Whether you capture Groudon or Defeat it, the weather will return back to its normal state.

Furthermore, Steven can be seen waiting in front of Sootopolis’s gym to thank the both of you. You should now take on Wallace, defeat him, and pick up the Rain Badge to complete the collection of all 8. It is now that you can head over to Ever Grande via Route 128 where Victory Road and the Elite 4 awaits. Wally shows up just before you exit the cavern inside pokemon ruby rom to battle you one last time.

You’re only allow to challenge the elite four once a trainer has received all 8 badges of Hoenn. The elite 4 consists of Sidney who uses the dark type, Phoebe who uses Ghost type Pokemon, Glacia who uses the Ice type Pokemon, and Drake the Dragon type master. Once you defeat them you go on to fight none other than Steven who happens to be the current Pokemon League Champion.

After you defeat him your rival and Professor Birch show up to congratulate you on your awesome victory. Professor Birch then takes a look at y our pokedex and enters you into the Hall of Fame. After the credits get through you’re then taken back to Littleroot. You’ll then go downstairs where yoru father will hands you an SS ticket. To be taken to arrive at Battle Tower inside pokemon ruby gba rom. You will now be able to encounter Rayquaza at sky pillar and see Latios meandering Hoenn.

The pokemon ruby download for android isn’t just for android devices! You can play it on PC, mac, iOS, devices as well.


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